Reading glasses allow us to see better and for many people they are a practical helper in everday life. But more than ever, reading glasses are also a fashion accessory – they highlight our individual personality, thanks to the many different shapes and colours.

At Filtral you will find high-quality models for women and men, which exactly match your expectations. Whether these are classic metal glasses, something modern or fancy – our reading glasses provide more reading comfort.

Enjoy our 2022 Filtral Reading Glasses Collection!

Rio blue-havanaAvailable onlineSustainableRio blue-havana
Rio green-havanaAvailable onlineSustainableRio green-havana
Rio havana-blackAvailable onlineSustainableRio havana-black
Palermo havanaBlue Light Filter/Available onlineSustainablePalermo havana
Palermo black-silverBlue Light Filter/Available onlineSustainablePalermo black-silver
Palermo black-goldBlue Light Filter/Available onlineSustainablePalermo black-gold
Stockholm blackAvailable onlineStockholm black
Stockholm blueAvailable onlineStockholm blue
Stockholm havanaAvailable onlineStockholm havana
Oslo havanaAvailable onlineSustainableOslo havana
Oslo blackAvailable onlineSustainableOslo black
Miami blueAvailable onlineMiami blue
Miami greyAvailable onlineMiami grey
Oslo black/blueAvailable onlineSustainableOslo black/blue
Miami greenAvailable onlineMiami green
Sydney blueAvailable onlineSustainableSydney blue
Sydney greyAvailable onlineSustainableSydney grey
Sydney brownAvailable onlineSustainableSydney brown
colour look blueAvailable onlinecolour look blue
colour look brownAvailable onlinecolour look brown
colour look pinkAvailable onlinecolour look pink
colour look purpleAvailable onlinecolour look purple
colour look turqoiseAvailable onlinecolour look turqoise
colour look whiteAvailable onlinecolour look white
colour look blackAvailable onlinecolour look black
Hamburg silverAvailable onlineHamburg silver
Hamburg anthracite greyAvailable onlineHamburg anthracite grey
Hamburg goldAvailable onlineHamburg gold
London anthracite greyAvailable onlineLondon anthracite grey
London silverAvailable onlineLondon silver
New York blackAvailable onlineNew York black
New York blueAvailable onlineNew York blue
New York copperNew York copper
Amsterdam blackAvailable onlineSustainableAmsterdam black
filtral reading glasses amsterdam havana-brown

  Amsterdam havana-brown

filtral reading glasses amsterdam black-brown

   Amsterdam black-brown

filtral reading glasses london gold

             London gold

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