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Lens material

Three different lens materials are primarily used to manufacture Filtral glasses:

Acrylic glass (AC)

  • Made from Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
  • Stronger than mineral glass – higher breaking resistance and low risk of shattering

Polycarbonate lenses (PC)

  • Primarily used for sports glasses or children's glasses
  • Extremely high breaking resistance and highly shatter resistant
  • Sunglasses: Always equipped with particularly effective protection against UV rays

Polarised lenses for sunglasses

  • Polarisation filters reduce disruptive glare, e.g. from wet or shimmering roads, in snow, from light sand or from water surfaces
  • Ensure glare-free and high-contrast vision
  • Improve spatial perception
  • Reduce eye strain

Comparison: With polarization filter vs. without polarization filter

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