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Glasses accompany us in our daily lives and are more than just a practical helper or pure fashion accessory. They should protect our eyes and enable better vision. Quality is and remains the basis and standard for every Filtral product.

The production of glasses requires effective technologies and special know-how. Filtral sunglasses and reading glasses benefit from our expertise and decades of experience – this is what our strength is based on. In addition to fulfilling all relevant norms and standards, we focus on the highest level of quality assurance and professional quality management.

Quality not only stands for the quality of our products, but also to environmental, economic and social responsibility. For example, there is the climate-neutral production of all Filtral glasses, whereby we compensate for any CO2 generated during the production of our glasses by investing in a
reforestation project in Togo.

Here you can find more information about quality at FILTRAL:

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