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Reading glasses with blue light filter absorb about 30% of the artificial blue light and relieve the strain on the eyes when using digital devices.

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Timeless design: the reading glasses with the distinctive browline look. This classic style features an accentuated brow line and a stylish mix of plastic and metal. Flexible spring hinges and soft, movable nose pads make them particularly comfortable to wear.

Equipped with a blue light filter, these reading glasses are the ideal companion for your digital everyday life. Because smartphones, tablets, PCs and notebooks emit short-wave blue light, the intensive use of digital devices can therefore lead to eye irritation, headaches or eye fatigue.

To relieve your eyes, the integrated blue light filter absorbs approx. 30% of the artificial blue light. In addition, the glare effect of displays is reduced, and the perception of contrast is improved.

But that's not all: as a step towards more sustainability, our reading glasses frames that carry the "Recycled" label are made from at least 100% recycled plastic.

Note: Only suitable for close vision and reading. Not suitable for permanent use. Do not use while driving. Not suitable for distance vision. Do not use as an eye protection device.

Possible side effects: May result in dizziness, discomfort and/or headaches if used for a longer period of time and with different pupil distance and dioptre.


Reading glasses for: Unisex
Frame colour: Available in different colours

Frame material: Recycled Plastic/Metal
Lens material: Plastic
Finishing: Blue Light Filter


Width: 141 mm
Temple lenght: 134 mm
Lens height: 38 mm
Lens width: 51 mm

Icon sunglasses dimensions, width, temple length
Icon sunglasses dimensions, lens height, lens width, brindge


Complying with the European standard EN 14139:2010
Nickel safe
Diopter: +1.0 to +3.5


Granules for reading glasses frame made from 100% recycled plastic. Produced in a resource-friendly way.

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