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Filtral is committed to sustainability. This applies to the products, production and supply.

But that's not where it ends. As a company, we aim in every way to act in a socially, ecologically and economically responsible manner to the best of our ability.


Filtral has been supporting PROJECT TOGO in West Africa for many years now. This holistic climate protection project reforests natural forests and supports organic farming projects.

PROJECT TOGO combines various initiatives for nature conservation and environmental protection with the improvement of social structures. This allows us to help people on a local level to achieve a better living situation.


Our energy management system is certified according to ISO 50001 by TÜV Süd. In the course of its initial and continued implementation, we were able to reduce energy consumption, improve the Filtral energy balance and – to the great benefit of the climate – reduce our CO₂ emissions.

At the company headquarters, we purchase carbon-neutral electricity, as well as CO₂-neutral gas. In addition, our photovoltaic system has been in operation since the end of 2021. We use about 53% of the solar electricity generated ourselves, the surplus is fed into the public grid as renewable electricity.


Our environmental management system is also certified according to ISO 14001. Regular training courses raise awareness of environmental protection and ecology among Filtral employees.

We have established a company environmental policy, and set and tracked environmental targets. This has enabled us to demonstrate our success in conserving resources, reducing emissions and maintaining sustainable operations. This also resulted in the development of a continuous improvement process.

Here you can find more information about sustainability at Filtral:

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