All Filtral sunglasses provide 100% protection against dangerous UVA, UVB and UVC rays. In addition, the harmful short-wave blue components of visible light are filtered out – without the colour reproduction being distorted.

UVC rays (up to 280 nm)
Extremely short wavelengths which do not penetrate the earth’s atmosphere.

UVB rays (280 nm-315 nm)
Rays with this wavelength cause sunburn and damage the eye tissue. All Filtral sunglasses filter out UVB radiation.

UVA rays (315 nm-380 nm)
Rays with this wavelength tan the skin but also lead to premature skin aging and can damage eyesight.

Violet/Blue light (380 nm-500 nm)
Rays of this wavelength act like UVA rays, but reach the visible light spectrum. Therefore, Filtral sunglasses filter out part of the harmful short-wave blue components but maintain the necessary spectrum range to ensure correct colour reproduction.

Green and red light (500 nm-780 nm)
Rays in the green and red spectrums are not dangerous to people’s health.

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