To protect the eye from harmful UV ray, all our sunglasses come with 100% UV protection. But beside that the degree of tinting
is also crucial when choosing the right sunglasses.

Just as there are different lighting conditions – from mild sunshine during a city stroll up to the intense sunlight while skiing – there are
different levels of tint for any occasion.

Our graphic provides an overview of the different filter categories and their usage.

Graphic, filter category 0
Text element, filter category 1, colourless/light tint
Graphic, filter category 1
Text element, filter category 1, light tint
Graphic, filter category 2
Text element, filter category 2, medium tint
Graphic, filter category 3
Text element, filter category 3, dark tint
Graphic, filter category 4
Text element, filter category 4, very dark tint
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