Green trees, production, sustainability

We believe that each and every company has a social and environmental responsibility. Where it is possible, we try to avoid CO2
emissions or, at the very least, minimise them. We directly reduce our carbon footprint created in the production of our glasses by
investing in a reforestation project in Togo.

Cooperation with natureOffice

Our independent partner, natureOffice, collects all the relevant data and scientifically evaluates it. Thus, all the raw materials, the production and further processing, as well as the transport, are combined to create a carbon footprint which is calculated in accordance with the GHG Protocol guidelines.

Corresponding to the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol, resulting CO2 emissions are subsequently compensated for by investment in climate protection projects. In order to do this, Filtral’s sunglasses and reading glasses are allocated a unique tracking number.

Graphic, climate neutrality, CO2 compensation
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